Sunday, May 20, 2007

By Popular Demand

My sister had one complaint about this blog. I don't post often enough for her. I am guessing she is anxious for updates about the girls. I doubt however, that she will read this post for at least a week because she is headed to Florida for a week to pack up her house and move it to Texas, where she and BIL have been living for a couple months, since the Navy transferred him. My mom is going to help her so perhaps prayers for patience would be in order.

I will have to share pictures of Jo's hair cut. She. Cut. Out. Her. Barrettes. Yeah. The only really workable hairstyle is piggy tails. It's pretty bad.
Can you see the short feathery hair on the left side? She was pretty proud of herself until she realized Mama was not so happy.
"Jo, did you cut your hair?!!!" I asked horrified but the hair on the floor and the barrette in the bathroom, hair still clipped in it.

"Yes," she mumbled downcast. "I'm sorry that I did that" Really. Okay, well at least it gave her a career idea. She thinks she wants to be a painter and a barber now. She is really looking forward to preschool because she will get to paint there. Je painted a lot of pictures and Jo is anxious to do so too. I suppose barbers can make a good living. After my conversation about hair stylists today with my sisters, I think I will tell her to do that in Lawrence. It is more expensive than here.


Hillary said...

When I was young, I needed my bangs cut. They were always hanging in my eyes and poking them. For some reason I decided that they HAD to be cut THIS INSTANT!

I went and asked my mom to trim them, but she was watching tv then and said she'd do it later. (To her credit, she only watched one show a day, and she would sit and eat her lunch while she watched. So not only was I interrupting her "quiet time", I was interrupting her lunch.)

Anyway, I was impatient, and I cut my bangs myself. I did not trim them - I CUT them! Practically at the roots!


Mom was so mad. They took me to a salon and I was given a Dorothy Hamill haircut, which helped.... a bit. Not much.

The thing is - I was in THIRD GRADE when I did this. I was 8. I should have known better. :)

I haven't had a good hairstyle since.

Anonymous said...

susie says:

she is just like me! i did that at age 6 i think - i'm pretty sure mom was MAD but she rolled with it. i say take her to see a real professional so she can see what its like. can't wait to hear what happens next!

Shel said...

Yes what lovely things we do. At least I can blame it on her age. She is Three! Which I find an adequate explanation for most of her behavior. I am afraid to go have it cut, I think we might lose whatever curl she has left. And I like her curl.