Friday, January 23, 2009

Just my life

Over the last several months I have been doing a lot of things rather than blog. Not all of them important or meaningful. If you've seen me in the last few weeks or really ever this is not news so feel free to skip this one. Really that is probably all of you

I painted about half of my home: halls/stairways, family room, kitchen, breakfast area, and dining room

I organized my storage room, cleaned out several cabinets, closets etc and took a huge load to Goodwill

I helped with a couple of rental house cleanups

I went on a couple field trips and supervised a couple class parties

I directed the Christmas program at church and put together the scenery and costumes (sounds harder than it was)

I rearranged some furniture

I did regular housekeeping

I cleaned the garage

I re-read the Outlander Series (all 6 books and 6500 pages)

I watched Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Sports Night on DVD

I refinished my kitchen table top and put it back in the kitchen, moving the old dining room table out and now it is waiting for my sister to claim it

I deep cleaned my refridgerator and organized the pantry

I cooked

I finished Beth Moore's Stepping Up (on the Psalms of Ascent)

(BTW--I just began Esther, and I really like it so far)

Kept my usual committments at work, home, school, and church

Started wrestling season (Doesn't that say it all)

Worked on Je's math, spelling and reading

Worked on the committee to determine new elementary school boundries next year and learned we get to/have to go there (depends on the day how we feel--mostly it sounds great)

Had Christmas

Had the plague (I coughed my way from Thanksgiving to Christmas, got a head cold which moved to my chest and kept the cough alive, got what must have been strep, especially since a two weeks later, Shan went to the Dr with the same symptoms and it was strep)

Nursed kids and husband through assorted illnesses

That is pretty much it. I said it wasn't necessarily meaningful, It was just my life.

Monday, January 12, 2009


I've been reading through last January's posts because I thought I had posted about this before. Twelve years ago today, my father passed away. It still is a wrenching thing. I don't like this membership I've acquired in the dead dad's club. I remember thinking at the time that this weird nothing is right with the world feeling will never go away. And it doesn't exactly. It eases a bit, and sometimes you feel fabulous but there is a niggling feeling that something is missing all the time. When I see my fabulous girls and know how he would have been as a grandfather, or with my nephews who would have been the coolest things ever. And I kind of hate the feeling that my life is diminished some because he is gone. I can never be as cool as it was. I hate that feeling. And I don't know how to explain it.

Today, I am going to lunch with my mom to remember. Recently a causal friend of ours lost her husband after an illness. She has been spending time with my mom as she grieves. I guess the thing I want to remember most about people who are hurting like that is that even when I don't know what to do I will do something. The thought to spend some time, send a card, make a call. Even if it isn't much it will help.

I'm not dead

This is for Hillary whose comment showed concern that I haven't posted for a few months. Things are good here, we're just trucking along with life. As usual, our days are filled with school, church, housework and other commitments. We were notified just before Christmas that we will be attending the brand new elementary school next year. I served on the committee to determine the boundaries and that was very interesting. We drive by the new school each day and take note of the progress they are making. Jo told me last week that it looks like they are doing a very good job building it, and she is glad since she will get to go to such an attractive school. (I am not paraphrasing folks) She also learned to tie her shoes last week. She decided it was time so she asked her sister to teach her. Such a proud parenting moment. Of course it was quickly dispelled by the bickering that followed the peaceful interlude of sisterly cooperation. Je has recently discovered the fun that learning can be. She willingly practices her spelling words and math facts. We had our annual Christmas program at church and she memorized her lines all by herself. I made a comment that we needed to work on them and she started saying them to me. Reading is so cool. The play went well even if she had to dash off in the middle to be sick. She had a little bug, but she made it to the restroom so the carpet was spared. Since I was directing the play, my mom ran to deal with Je and any mess, so I was spared as well. Thanks MOM!

I've been thinking about posts for a while, mentally composing them in my head but lacked initiative to sit and type one out. I meant to return after the first of the year so here I am. Now that sounds like I planned a specific break, which I didn't but after a couple weeks it was nice to have a break so I just didn't worry about the blog.

I laughed yesterday when I received Hillary's comment via email. I guess someone at least noticed my absence. M sister didn't even mention it over Christmas. Thanks for the chuckle Hillary!