Thursday, October 18, 2007

We Crashed the Deacon Meeting

It's is parent teacher conference week in our district. We went to hear how Je is progressing in Kindergarten. She's doing fine. It also means my husband is working late. Last night he got home at 8:30 and tonight will be a bit later. The good news is he gets tomorrow off. So Mom and I took the girls out to supper. And sitting there we got to discussing the work day planned at church this weekend and some projects we would like to see done. She mentioned talking to the Deacons at their next meeting, and asked me if it was next week. They were meeting tonight, without the two people who had to be at conferences, Shan and Kyle. We decided to go up and talk to them about our ideas then. So we walked in to the meeting. Mom did most of the talking, and Deacon chair scribbled furiously on his yellow pad. After listening to our ideas, they went on a tour of the rooms we had discussed. We are going to clean out some old furniture and office supplies, strip out the clunky, to make the rooms easier to use and more attractive. It will be nice to have a little more room in the Secretary's office to function. Our pastor recently resigned and moved, so there went our youth group. The furniture in the youth room was old when I was in Youth group so we are thinking about redoing some of that room, and at least for now, turning it into the junior room. I was noticing tonight that the bean bags in their need some new beans, they are pretty flat. Since we had the car wash to buy those when I was in high school they are definitely in need of an update. I remember picking out the pink one.

When we moved into the building, 11 years ago, we painted everything a neutral color, linen white, and said, we will personalize each room in time, we'll start with this. Now, its been a decade and very little personalization has happened. The nursery, and the toddler room have had some touches as has the entry way, but no one has taken the initiative with offices, classrooms, etc. It's time to make each room attractive and inviting, with some thought to its use.

After we interrupted the meeting, showed them our ideas, they were very receptive. I applaud people who have no real interest in an area, ceding to those who do.

May I never get so entrenched in my area of authority, that I am reluctant to let people who have gifts and interests use them. The Deacons seemed happy to let us go forward with our ideas and with delegating responsiblity to us in this.

I am looking forward to the work of painting actually. It will be nice to freshen up the neutral rooms.

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