Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Perils of Caller ID

I have a new pet peeve. People who use their caller id as an answering machine. They look through the list of calls, and then call unfamiliar numbers to find out who the people are. I just got a call from a gentleman who demanded to know who I was. I answered the phone, "Hello?" His response was, "Who is this?" No hello, my name is and I was wondering... etc. Really people. If I call someone, and don't reach them, I leave a message. If I don't leave a message, I will try again, or it wasn't that important. If someone calls my cell phone in error, I certainly am not going to use my minutes to find out that it was a wrong number. If it isn't important enough to leave a message, then it must be not worth me finding out who they are. I am tired of getting calls from people who want to know who called them. Get a machine people. If I need to speak with you, I will leave a message. Caller id, is not as good as an answering machine. Trust me on this. You may now return to your regularly scheduled activities. Rant over.

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