Tuesday, September 02, 2008

She did it!

As summer ends, it is time for JE and her two classmates to move up to a new Sabbath School class. Her teacher decided to challenge the girls to memorize Psalm 121. They had the whole month of August to do it and she promised them a prize for completion of the memorization. We worked on it sporadically over the month, but not faithfully. A week ago, the teacher reminded me that she had just one week to say the passage, and that she had already purchased the prizes. Over the final week I worked with Je to memorize the passage. She kept leaving out a couple phrases. Sabbath morning she was much better. After Sabbath School she showed me this: Way to Go! She worked hard to get this. I had thought I would get her her own Bible for her birthday in October, but now this is even better!

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