Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I've learned today that I need some quiet. Before you all start laughing hysterically, hear me out. I picked Jo up from school at 11:30. At 1:05 my head tried to explode. Why you ask? There hasn't been a quiet second since. I had to run an errand after picking her up and she talked about the errand, the car, the lack of Jeep, the friends we say on our way. At the store she asked about the movie playing in the bookstore, the books she saw, the coloring sheet they gave her...Now we are home and she has asked about what I will have for lunch, what time her sister will be home, is it early release day, why does she have to nap, when am I goig to eat, the microwave is beeping, five little pumpkins and finally she is talking about the Muffin Man. Wait, she discovered that Cookie Monster is teaching letters on her placemat and that is taking her off on a new tangent of made up verse. Ya'll thought I talked a lot? I am really becoming the quiet one. If she wants to know why she naps at age 5. It isn't always because she needs a rest, but Mama's ears NEED a break! Seriously!

My mother is probably muttering something about kids and payback for my own past behavior. Okay I really get that. EEKS!


Susie said...

Yeah, but you need to hang on to this post and be reminded of it when she's a teenager locked in her room. I'm sitting here just smiling away at her talking :)!

Memarie Lane said...

I learned how to create quiet in my own head. It used to require an ipod, but now I don't need that anymore. The other day I came up from making breakfast and my husband asked me how I keep from going insane with all the screaming kids. I just barely notice anymore. It's 50% tuning them out and 50% relaxation methodology.

Hillary said...

I know you're really busy and don't have much time to post on your blog.

So I've made a short questionnaire for you; just fill in the answers to the multiple-choice question:

1. I am ______________ .

a) Dead
b) Alive

Shel said...


Just kidding. Don't know what is going on here. I'm composing a return to the blogosphere. Now I really have to post it.