Thursday, March 12, 2009

Is it me?

I realize that summer is a long way off as is the next school year but ever since mid February it feels like we are just around the corner from the end of this year and the beginning of next. Seriously folks, it is only March. I am feeling pretty good about my handle on my chaos today so I have time to post. The house is pretty clean, (left over from weekend guest and hosting bunco), the laundry is caught up, and the big projects I have are too big to start today before our weekend. Isn't that strange?

I believe I have completed this round of redecorating. You know how a project multiplies? I bought paint to redo the girls bath last spring and put new lights in the entry and hall. That highlighted the need to repaint the hall/stairways. Which in my house starts at the bedrooms and continues down two flights of steps through the front entry to the familyroom and down another set of steps to the basement. When I finished that I had enough paint to do the kitchen and dining room. Which left the living room the odd place out. I got more paint and Mom made new curtains for the living and dining room since they have to match. When I painted the kitchen it led to a new border and curtains. Then sheers for the entry and back door. Whew! The ever expanding project.

Now I look at our bedroom and think, it hasn't been painted since we moved in 8 years ago and maybe it's time. Jessa's room needs some touch up because she puts her feet on the wall by her bed so ......

See a new round of projects. First, I need to clean out the girls closets which will take some time because we are going to purge toys. Oh the weeping and wailing...I want Shan to help but that means doing it when the girls are around. I forgot to take before pictures of the house so after pics won't mean anything. But trust me it looks great, (in my humble opinion)

One of my new rules is to purge excess stuff. I've taken at least five loads to Goodwill of stuff from my house that I don't need anymore. It feels great to streamline and have stuff fit in the closets and cabinets. This is probably the first time that all my clothes fit in our room and aren't located in either the basement closet or one of the girls closets. I am setting a goal to keep it that way. Somewhere I read that whenever something new comes in something old of the same basic size/volume has to go out. I am not ready to commit to that totally but it is a good rule of thumb.

Maybe if I control the chaos I can keep myself organized, my house reasonably picked up and clean and feel more on top of my life.

It's a theory/plan I am hoping to prove this year.

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