Saturday, July 11, 2009

Still here just inert--so no real news

So I didn't forget about the blog, I just haven't felt like posting anything lately. Like in two months. Stuff goes on...I probably could have blogged about stuff like the mascot choices for the new elementary school. AT the parent's meeting in May the principal passed out ballots with several options and mentioned that Carp was her favorite. UGH! Since the school name is Farley I don't see that working. I thought carp would become crap and the mom sitting next to me said her kids already called Farley Fartly. So when the superintendent was collecting the ballots she asked if I voted for Carps and I told her no because I was afraid we'd be the Fartly Craps pretty soon. She laughed. So has everyone else who's heard that story. The superintendent hates the carps so I doubt that will happen but I haven't heard the verdict yet.

I could also have blogged about Je's new glasses. She complained of not being able to see the smaller words on signs so we made an appointment for after school was out in May. I really didn't think she needed glasses but we were going to check it out. As we went through the exam Je was supposed to read the letters from the chart. Jo could see the letters in a mirror backwards and I had to hold my hand over her mouth to keep her from answering. She couldn't understand why her sister thought the Q was an N. It was then I realized maybe the girl needs glasses. Turns out she has an astigmatism and has always seen fuzzily. It is only now that she can read that she noticed.

Speaking of reading, I am so proud of how well she has done this year. She started the year reading at a middle of kindergarten level and now she is zoomed to a middle of second grade level. She didn't really care if she could read earlier. At her fall conference she was not as far as we wanted her to be, but the teacher wasn't concerned yet. She indicated that Je was recently showing signs of catching on. Je had told me in Oct. that she didn't have to worry about learning to read until about 5th grade. I told her that if she couldn't read at the end of first grade I wouldn't send her to second grade. She seemed to think about that and take it to heart. She began reading chapter books and really found it to be fun. I have a reader. Now she reads signs as we drive around. It's fabulous!

We've also added some daily review of math and reading to our schedule. I decided that I wanted to keep Je's math on track so we found time sheets and other resources to do at home. When I told her we were going to do it she said, "You mean I get to do home school?!" She was pretty excited about it. We aren't going to do full on homeschooling or anything and the girls don't really want to, but for the summer they are enjoying daily practice sessions. Jo had to get in on the act to get ready for Kindergarten.

VBS went well. The decorations looked amazing, thanks to some great help from a couple of big work days we scheduled to build decorations. I just spent the time getting the materials together to make decorations and organizing the plans and turned the volunteers loose this year. It worked so much better I think I'll do that every year.

So we are just keeping on and keeping busy. We keep house, go to the pool, had swimming lessons, Je played softball with Shan as an assistant coach. I even learned how to operate the scoreboard and keep the official score book. She had fun and says she wants to play next year. The girls on her team all learned a lot from the first game to the last. They even made a run in the tournament at the end of the season. Life keeps us busy and that is a good thing. I'll check in sometime hopefully it won't take 2 months next time.

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