Saturday, May 06, 2006


My microwave is getting old. It is very weak, 625 Watts so it cooks slow and it is black when the rest of the appliances are white. I keep waiting for it to stop working. We bought it used when we moved into this house because the kitchen is spacious but no really good spot on the counter for a microwave. We found a microhood in the paper for $75 because some older gentleman's second wife didn't like the all newish appliances that the first wife had picked out before her death. So with our Christmas money we (finally!!!!) went out and bought a new one. Shan spent the morning installing it after removing the old one. (Not as easy as it sounded, apparently). I put the girls leftover mexican rice in the microwave, pushed the 1 minute button to heat it up and watched as the rice rotated in the new oven. (This is a novelty, the old one didn't rotate.) I opened up the door after the beep and touched the rice. It seemed warmer but not warm enough so I pushed the button for another minute. After that it didn't seem any warmer. We tried some other settings but the rice remained room temperature. ARGHHHHHHHHHH! I called the handy dandy 800 number to get product assistance. After pushing several buttons to get to a live body the guy tells me that he can't diagnois the problem over the phone but he could call an appliance repairman and have them call me to set up a repair, but don't worry it will definitely be covered by the warranty. DARN TOOTIN IT'LL BE COVERED!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S BRAND NEW!!!!!! I only thought that I was nice to the phone guy but seriously. I do not want to wait until Tuesday to have a repairman come to fix the microwave that should have worked in the first place. With much wheedling, rational arguments made and a phone call to a higher authority, (my mother) I convinced Shan that the microwave had to go back to the store and a new one secured in its place. To be fair, it was Shan's idea to call my mom, he thought that if she thought we should take it back rather than get it repaired then that was probably the right thing . He was just trying to avoid having to take it down and put another one up. He also HATES to return anything to any store. So when he gets back from lawn mowing he will take down the old one, I will go trade it and he will put it up. Lowes is open until 10 so I am willing to be patient as long and I know it is going to happen.

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