Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bear is Back

Yesterday at naptime we couldn't find Je's bear. I looked high and low and it was nowhere to be found. I didn't want to delay nap to keep searching the girls rooms so I gave her a doll and told her to try to sleep. When Shan got home he said he hadn't found it last night when he'd looked either. I started to panic. Seriously. I couldn't imagine where he was and I kept picturing the "lovey fight" in the backseat of the car with open windows and bear sailing out of the car on 21st Street and me not noticing. It had been over 24 hours since that happened and I figured that if we lost bear then it might not be found. I really couldn't believe that Bear could have gone out the window and Je or Jo wouldn't have screamed but I had just yelled at them to stop that because I was afraid it might happen. We got home from Mom and Brother-in-Law's birthday dinner and I resumed my search for Bear. I had a knot in my stomach just like when my engagement ring slipped off my finger on a frigid day when my hands shrunk last winter. I picked up the sleeping bag in Je room for the third time and shook it hard. Out dropped Bear. All is well with our world. Je and I did a happy dance. Losing Bear would have been worse than the ring. The ring was covered by insurance and was replaced. (The new one is better than the old one, even Shan thinks so because the old one was a marquis cut that had a pointy end which scratched him). I asked Je what we should do now and she thought we should tell God thank you since He helped us find Bear. We did and she went to sleep really fast. I did too, over and over again b/c I could then sleep better.

BTW if you get a chance check out Evolution of Dance at You Tube. It cracked me up.

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