Monday, November 06, 2006

Drum Roll Please!

A momentous occasion for the girls in our house...NEW BEDS! Finally Jo is out of the toddler bed and into a bed befitting her three-year old sense of dignity. She told me that her bed was too little and she couldn't sleep in it. We had always planned to get a full size bed for Je when Jo was ready for the twin since Je bedroom set has a full size headboard and footboard. I had hoped to do it around birthday time but procrastinated. My big plan was to go over to Sam's and buy one of their bargain deluxe mattress sets. They had them for a long time nice quality thick mattresses for great prices. We bought a queen set for the spare room for 300 dollars. Alas, they have raised prices. It would have been nearly double. I delayed, debated, dithered. I began researching other stores. Then I looked in the paper and lo and behold an almost new set was available. We snapped it up, brought it home and voila! NEW BEDS. Both girls are thrilled with their better accommodations. Je is looking forward to having a slumber party with her cousin Jo in her new big bed and our Jo is way excited that she can climb up on the very tall big bed. Coincidental maybe, but she hasn't mentioned sleep problems since. That was a very handy excuse for not napping or at bed time, she just didn't know how to sleep or her bed was too small. Now she will have to come up with something else! As for me, I now have a redecorating project to get going on, notice Jo has already begun to help strip the Noah's Ark border. I repaired in when Je started doing it. (This is the nursery and Je moved to a new room when we brought Jo home from the hospital)I don't have enough leftover border to replace the several places she destroyed. Oh well, it lasted six years, we put it up as soon as we moved in this house, almost a year before Je was born.

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