Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I am always really excited when I learn how to do something new. I get equally excited when I just learn. I am a learner. My father always said if you aren't learning something you aren't living. I didn't always realize I was learning something but as I look back it is a thing to note. My grandfather would ask me what I learned at school that day every time I saw him. Ususally I was unaware that I had learned something. Now I am more aware. This leads me to my new skill, adding buttons to the sidebar. You can scroll down and take note of the Moms for Modesty button. It links back to a movement dedicated to getting helping our children dress appropriately. This is especially relevant for moms of little girls, since clothing makers design clothes to push the envelope. I do think it is important for moms of boys to support this movement as well, since how girls dress affects the boys surrounding them as well. Women are not responsible for the behavior or thoughts of men around them but we can show a respect for them by dressing appropriately and acknowledge that our choices can add to a problem. The button will stay in my sidebar, take a minute, click through and read the post. Then scroll down and sign the comments portion to show your support, and hopefully influence the clothing designers.

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