Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Okay, I admit it. I am a pop culture watcher. I have E online entertainment news on my yahoo page, I read Whitney's Pop Candy, and I like celebrity gossip. I have two websites bookmarked to look up facts about my favorite celebrities and tv shows and movies. I am sick. I have read most of the articles about Tom Cruise and the melodrama surrounding his life for the last couple years. Now, I didn't go buy any of the magazines with articles about him or his girlfriend Katie Holmes or the baby. I didn't waste any money on TomKat. Isn't is sad that I know that is their handle. I also keep up on Bragelina. Sick Sick Sick. I have had a thing for Cruise since , and I am dating myself here, Top Gun. Isn't he gorgeous! I wasn't allowed to see it in the theater, it was rated R. I did see it when NBC cleaned it up and put it on TV. We taped it on the brand new VCR purchased so that when we had to be gone we could tape cool stuff, like movies on Sunday nights when we at church. I remember in college this guy I dated a couple times taking me to see A Few Good Men. He'd already seen it, but since that was the only movie I really wanted to see he went along. It was a first date. Other than the movie, the night wasn't a rousing success. For our first valentine's day, Shan bought me the tape of A Few Good Men. He really over did it that year on the present scale. I was thinking of breaking up with him, and he was overcompensating. He even called my mom. Somehow we made it through that, I don't really remember what happened, its been so long ago. He convinced me to stay, I guess. We'd only been dating about 6 months so not really invested yet, of course, after that rocky month, we were committed. We've now been married almost 10 years.
On our honeymoon, we went to see yet another Tom Cruise movie, Jerry Maguire. Now I am dismayed at my interest. Tom has criticized so much important things, his religion is screwy and he seems nuts. Today, reading about his wedding to come was the last straw. Now I know this isn't his fault, they reported that he spent $315 on fancy boxer shorts, and Katie spent 3000 on lingerie presumably for the wedding night according to the article. How low can the media go. This was a mid line outlet, not one of the biggies but not a fringe outlet. Do they think I, a very typical not obsessed but close, fan, want to know about his underwear!? To be clear, I do not!!!!


Hillary said...

I could not care less about anyone's undergarments. Two things bother me, though:

1. The assumption that we should all *care* about such intimate details.

2. That anyone would spend so much money on underwear. And I learned she was wearing perfume that cost nearly $3000 an OUNCE!

What a waste!

Shel said...

Okay, so Hillary is a pop culture watcher too! Yeah, I don't know why I should care about anyone else's underwear. Unless of course he or she doesn't wear it. And in certain circumstances, or outfits, that might be a problem.