Friday, December 01, 2006

Ahead of Schedule

Today was our babysitting co-op's annual shopping day. I dropped the girls off at 9 and met Mom for a day of shopping. I had most of the big shopping done. I think I finished the girls presents a few weeks ago. It's all the little filler stuff and a few cousins, teachers, etc. that I had left. I bought one big thing for Shan but that is all the big things I had to do today. I got a lot of odds and ends wrapped up today, and even some other errands. Last year we planned a big trip to KC, shopping mecca, but this year we decided to stay in town since we didn't have things we needed to get in the big city. We shopped together, then Mom left to do Meals on Wheels, I continued alone for a couple hours. We met up for a nice lunch at a restaurant the children don't really like to go. Then right back at the shopping. We went to all those places we don't typically take time to go to, especially with two small shadows. Got some good deals at Grocery supply, juice 10 for $1, bananas 5 cents a piece, and diet dr pepper, 6 for 99 cents. Shan was thrilled. I made it back to pick up the girls just about 3:30 and was pleased with my days accomplishments. Now I need to wrap presents and decorate the house. I'd like to get that done before it is my turn to host the children so the mothers who watched today can shop next week, kid-free. What a great idea!

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