Friday, December 22, 2006

The Mission Field of Motherhood

Jules at Everyday Mommy subtitles her blog "the mission field of motherhood", and everytime I read that I am struck by the utter appropriateness of that title. I truly believe that each of us has a mission field we are called to serve in for the Lord. As a child I thought the mission field was Japan, where so many of our church missionaries were, or Africa, where my parents' friends were or some other foreign place. I definitely DID not want to do that. I don't like bugs, I am a picky eater, and was worried about eating strange food in a different country, I would miss my family, and I like my own country, Thank You! In part I still feel that way, I don't want to go oversees as a missionary to a foreign country. I saw the children of family friends who were raised oversees and saw the struggles to feel as if they belong. They were American's but this was a strange place, they'd never lived here, so they were a little foreign, yet they weren't Japanese, or Asian, or African, either, they were caught between homes. Now it probably seemed worse to me as a child than it actually was. They seem to be adapted as adults. I just never wanted to do that to my children. As I grew up I realized that a mission field is where ever God puts you and has work for you. We are missionaries in our jobs, our schools, community activities, sports teams, at the grocery store, the courthouse, in our neighborhoods. If God asks us to do it, he gives us the ability to do it. I believe, He also gives us the interest to do it, the desire and the talents. If it feels wrong, that maybe a good indication it is wrong. If the doors don't open, the path isn't made availible, maybe it isn't the right path. Right now, I feel that the missionfield of motherhood is my calling. Perhaps, in the future, I will return to full time work, outside our home, but for right now, I don't feeled called to that mission field. Someday, God may even send me out of my comfort zone and ask me to take on vocationally missions, or other work in that line. I have to say, that I hope not, but again, by the time He sends me, I probably will want to do what He asks.

The Mission Field of Motherhood what a perfect way to describe how I view my role in life.

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