Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Cheap Dates Extrodinaire

One of the cheapest things we do is get a pizza from Papa Johns on Customer Appreciation Saturday. Every third Saturday of the month they offer a large Pizza for $5.99, cheese, sausage, or pepperoni. My husband loves Papa Johns so for him it is a big treat. We get at least one and then have it for supper after putting the kids to bed, and watch a movie from our collection that we don't get to watch with the kids.

Another cheap idea we love it our babysitting co-op. There are six families and we have a ticket system for free babysitting. It's a good for dentist appointments, school committments, or dates, and many other uses. We are all Christian families so we can feel pretty good about the people we are leaving our kids with and with the ticket system, we are "paying" for our time and not taking advantage of friends or family.

When we do that for date night we often go to this Mexican restaurant, and get an order of chicken fajita's to share and a couple of diet cokes. With free chips and salsa that gets a meal out, with a waiter for less than $15. Can't beat that.

We've also played cribbage or Mexican Train dominos for a nice date night after the kids are in bed.

Take a drive and make a stop at Sonic for a fun icecream treat or special drink.

Watch for coupons in the paper for mini golf, batting cages, or go-karts, buy one get one free.

Find a local tennis court that you can spend an hour.

Every year for our anniversary we go out to a nice supper, and then, since Christmas is four days later, we finish our Christmas shopping, at the mall. We have been doing that since our honeymoon, five years before we even had kids.

Any activity done together, is a great date. Even if it is only the church league softball game, or cleaning the garage.


Lauren S. said...

We love Papa John's too, but we didn't know about the $5.99 deal. Thanks!

Shalee said...

I had no idea about the Papa John's deal...

"Any activity done together, is a great date. Even if it is only the church league softball game, or cleaning the garage."

This is the attitude that needs to be adopted. Time together is just that - time together!

Thanks for sharing some awesome ideas!

Overwhelmed! said...

Great ideas, Shel! I'd really like to hear more details on the babysitting co-op that uses a ticket system. I may have to try to set something like that up in my area. :)

I offered one, cheap and fun idea in my post!

Kathleen Marie said...

You have some great ideas! Thanks!

Rabbit said...

Hehehe great minds think alike. From Papa Johns to Mexican train dominoes to Sonic shakes to tennis, we do the same! :)