Thursday, February 22, 2007

Parenting Problems

I've learned that what goes around comes around. My mother always told me that I would have children who would do to me what I did to her and that I would deserve every bit of it. Now she didn't say it cruelly, she just was warning me. I now hesitate to share with her my lastest series of trials with Jo because, I remember pulling the same kinds of things in my childhood. I told her the other day, and she did start to say some form of an "I told you so" but I was ready and agreed before she could really warm up. It embarrasses me now to admit that I did this. I was even older than my daughter so it is particularly humiliating. I have this photo of me at about two, I sitting on the round oak table eating chocolate peanut clusters and the chocolate is dripping down my face. I was wearing my footie jammies so I am pretty sure I did this before my parents got up. Jo has been doing this kind of thing this week. She gets up, goes and gets the Doritos, and one morning, got back in bed to eat them. Once at nap I caught her with Dorito breath and orange crumbs all over her face. This morning she left them next to her coloring table to be found later. She also "helped" herself to her sister's Valentine's candy from school. Her excuse, "Je forgot to eat it". It was only the next day! Je likes to savor her candy. You could put her Halloween bucket in her room, and she would eat only a few pieces a day. Jo would eat the whole bucket in about two days. Now bear in mind that the girls get enough Halloween candy that we had to throw out the excess at Christmas, we just couldn't eat it fast enough. It was a lot of candy. Jo is going through a sneaky phase. She snagged the purple sharpie I keep in a pen cup on my dresser to color with. She painted her hand K-State purple. THE WHOLE HAND. I still haven't gotten it all off her tights or her leg where it bled through. That is a week ago. Some day, I will look back at her childhood and wax nostalgic over her purple hand and leg. I will laugh at the amusing story of her eating all the candy during nap time, and sneaking dorito's out of the pantry. Of the time she tried to get the fruit snacks off the high shelf by stacking her step stool on top of a kitchen chair. It just won't be today. Well maybe. It is kinda funny.

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