Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Full Week

Last week was a big week at our house. We had a very busy schedule of appointments and other committments that kept me away from blogging. It started with a broken dishwasher on Monday that stayed broken till yesterday for want of a part and time in the repairman's schedule. Tuesday was a pretty regular day, but Wednesday was chaos in spades. I took Jo to the doctor to find out about this rashy thing I've been fighting for over a year. Turns out it is eczema and the doctor called it "the itch that rashes". Which I guess means she itches first, scratches and then gives herself a problem. After leaving the doctor I went to Walmart to get the prescription,(Yea! $4 prescriptions!) and a few odds and ends. I then had to hustle to drop off the girls and get gas before rushing to my dentist appointment. I go to the dentist in a little town about 30 + minutes from home so I was a little late. Fortunately the dentist was running late so he wasn't waiting on me. He filled my tooth and numbed I rushed home to wait for the appliance repairman. He came figured out he needed a part and ordered it. Then said he probably couldn't make it back until Monday since his Friday was already fairly booked. ARG! Thursday I watched a couple boys from babysitting co-op since their Mom had to go to the doctor. I dropped off my girls at my Mom's house, the boys at their house and rushed to a parent-teacher conference at preschool. I had to wait there because they were running behind.

Friday was Kindergarten Round Up for Je. Jo went to Meals on Wheels with my mom and we met for lunch. I am at once excited and apprehensive about sending my first child off to school. Jo will start preschool next year so that is another scary/fun conflict.

This week doesn't promise to be much better, we have a big weekend at church coming up and I need to get my house ready for company. Also, next week I start watching a friend's new baby full time for four months so she can go back to work. She works for the state tax people and hates to leave at such a busy time.

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