Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What to do About Jo

I have obessessed about Je starting kindergarten for a while now, and have the butterflies to prove it. She is upstairs sleeping away but I will be up for hours yet. And the thought occurs to me today, not really for the first time but kinda smacked me in the head, that while Je is off at school, Jo will be here. With me. By herself. Without her best playmate. Yikes! Preschool doesn't start for a few weeks for her, and even then, it is only two mornings a week. The afternoons are covered, she will try not to sleep during nap time. The mornings will be long. I am not planning on accomplishing anything tomorrow. I will give over my day to helping Jo adjust to her new daytime schedule. I got her a new coloring book and crayons, (aren't back to school sales great! Crayons for 20 cents and markers for 78 cents!!) Hopefully that will be a treat. We checked out new books at the library today, and a couple new DVDs. We might even try some computer games for preschoolers. I am sure that at some point, we will make a trip to Nana's just for the distraction. I think now I am more anxious about a three year old left behind than I am a five year old off to school all day.


Hillary said...

Baking is always a hit! Bake and freeze extra for a rainy day.

Oh! And tea parties! Have a tea party!

Have fun with your little one! :)

Hillary said...

Well, you can bake first thing in the morning. ;) How early do you get up?

Maybe painting with watercolors would be fun!

Rabbit said...

How did everything go? First day of school is toughest on MOM, not on the kids! You and Jo will find plenty to keep you busy; give yourselves time to learn. She can "help" you cook and do housework (preschoolers are demented and think that stuff is really fun), and don't forget Play Doh and big bowls of dry macaroni and hide-and-seek. :)