Thursday, August 02, 2007


I have to say how excited I am! I have had comments before from people I know in real life or people who followed the link from a contest I entered. People have commented on my WFMW posts a few times, but today, I received my first comment from someone I don't know, who just read an post I wrote about what is going on in my life. I haven't really worked very hard to build up a big readership. I am torn on this. I started the blog because I had things to say and it seemed a great avenue to express myself. I only told two people I was doing it when I started. A few more people (in real life) know now, but I haven't really pushed them to read it. I didn't do this for blogosphere fame, but maybe a little notice would be nice. That is just ego talking. I need to remember that I do things for His glory not mine. When I get wrapped up in my name, my posts, my blog, my, my, my, I've blown past the important One. If it isn't bringing Him glory, I need to do something else. That is the standard, not how many hits I get or comments people leave. But do you suppose that it is okay to be glad about the comments? There goes that ego again!

I just realized that one of my best friends doesn't know. I think I was too shy to mention it at first, then I think it hasn't crossed my mind. I will send her the link today! Sorry E! You might want to rethink that BFF label, I don't drink coffee and I forgot to tell you about the Blog! Oh Horrors!


Ellen said...

Wow! How cool is it when God gives us little gifts that remind us that He love us and that He knows intimiately what we need as one He has created and pursued. Your friendship is one of those gifts. How grateful I am for it! Even though you don't like coffee... and that's true acceptance on all levels! You are number 1 in my blogoshpere! Keep giving Him glory!

susie_rene said...

In case I haven't told you - I love your blog! It keeps me in touch with whats going on with you and I appreciate your candid-ness(is that a word?)! Keep going - I love it!