Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Random Acts of Kindness

Today I was in the restroom at Wally world waiting for an open stall. It sounded weird in one of the stalls. I couldn't tell if the woman was ill or if that was just normal for her. Then I heard her call out "Ma'am?" I wasn't sure who she was talking to so I didn't say anything. There was a Walmart employee in there so I figured she would handle it. She left seeming not to notice. Then the stall door opened and an elderly lady stood there trying to button her jeans and do her belt. She asked for help with the belt. She was a large woman and not very steady on her feet. She had her shirt pulled up exposing her bra so she could see her belt buckle. By this time I was the only one in line so when she asked me to help I stepped into the stall and knelt down to see if I could help. She had stuff twisted so I quickly could get her buckled and on her way. She kind of shuffled out the door. After I used the facilities I stopped at the sink to wash my hands. A woman had walked in just as I was fixing the belt and she was at the sink next to me. She stopped me to tell me how nice it was what I had done. She wasn't sure what I had done but thought it was very nice that I had helped the other lady.

That got me to thinking. Wouldn't anyone have helped if they had been asked? Remember a few years ago when the bumper sticker was so popular, "Random Acts of Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty" Isn't it sad that we notice that people are kind. Shouldn't that be such a common occurance that we aren't surprised when someone is courteous or helpful. Have you seen that commercial for insurance or banking that has a woman pull a man back so he won't be hit by a car and it starts a circle of kind acts which eventually loops back to her. We should all be doing it.

I spent the weekend driving (it felt like it anyway) We drove to Corpus Christi so visit my sister. So that is about 26 -28 hours in the car just getting there and back. It seems to me that if everyone followed the do unto others rule for driving maybe we would have fewer accidents and less frustration. Traffic might move better. We might be happier people if we let go of our me first mentality. Let the mini van in the lane she needs. You're not that much of an hurry. Seriously people.

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