Thursday, November 29, 2007

What a Great Idea

Lori the Laundry Queen suggested that instead of complaining through this holiday season we should list three good things. I love this idea. She has decided that she will post three good things in each post this month, so that she can focus on them rather than her frustrations. And since it is the holiday season and a very stressful time, it is a good reminder to focus on the positive.

# A nice newish van that is comfortable and roomy for the traveling during this time of year. (Notice I am not complaining about 26 hours in the car in 5 days. Just kidding Sus)

## Sundays a day of rest, the only day my husband doesn’t have wresting practice or tournaments until Christmas.

### My BFF Ellen and her birthday on Sat. which compels us to have a girls afternoon, and thus help entertain my kids on the first Saturday of wrestling season. No Daddy = a very long day.

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