Friday, February 17, 2006

Potty Training Pitfalls

I've learned today that potty training isn't for sissies. My 2 1/2 year old came to me a couple days ago because she wanted her pants changed after her nap. We have been trying to talk to her about potty training because I subscribe to the philosophy that if you prepare your kids for big stuff it goes easier. The dirty diaper had made her bottom sore so I explained to her that she could avoid these problems if she wore big girl panties like her sister. Now she has been reluctant to take this step. When I say reluctant I mean radically opposed. You thought Democrats were reluctant to support Bush's supreme court nominee, that was nothin'. So I was not really expecting the little darlin' to agree with the panty idea. But she did. So we tried it. She did okay that evening. The next day not so well. We went to lunch at the kids favorite Mexican restaurant so they could have rice. I took her to the bathroom frequently to try to get the idea across to her. (BTW as I crouched on the floor in the stall with her I had flashbacks to being trapped in the bathroom at Toys R Us with our older daughter for 45 minutes because she wasn't done. I didn't take a bottle and 6 month old baby was very cranky. It was supposed to be a five minute trip to pick up something. Two years is a long time in Mamaland.) As soon as we returned to the table she had an accident. In two hours she went through all of the spare underwear and pants I packed. Today has been a little better. We have had two accidents but we did go potty in public and she seems to finally recognize when she does it on the potty. Yea!!! One consolation is that almost everyone figures this out eventually.

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