Monday, February 20, 2006

Sleep Interrupted

I've learned that the days I want to get extra sleep are the days my children gang up on me and get up extra early. The older one is usually content to play in her room when she gets up early but if her little sister gets up early too then they both are intent on my participation. "Mama is Sesame Street on? Can I have some milk? Is Sesame Street on yet? (It comes on at 8. From 7 on they nag) Can you get me some breklast? Can I turn on the TV to see if Sesame Street is on?" And so on. I like to wake up slowly, stretch, laze, watch the news, laze and then get up and get going. Before I had children I had to get up and get going before dawn to be at school. Now when I don't usually have to be anywhere early I still don't get to sleep in. My husband would say it serves me right since he still leaves the house at dark. Not being a feminist, I want to tell him that being a woman has priviledges. I don't have to have a job outside of my family. Of course, being married to a red-neck means he'll never want to be Mr. Mom. Besides, I've seen his idea of a clean house, ironed shirt, and balanced meal. It ain't pretty. Can you believe I used to teach English? Toddlerhood has put my brain cells in storage. They should be there if I need them later.

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