Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tired kids are Sick Kids

I've learned my mother is usually right. Not to long ago my sisters and I were complaining about our bedtime as teenagers. My mother replied, "You were never sick." We were disgustingly health kids. We rarely missed school because of illness. Also a sad thing for us then but now I am planning the same course for my own children. However there are times when sleep becomes a low priority. Friday afternoon we left for the state wrestling tournament. With a two hour drive I thought would be a great opportunity for the kids to have a little nap. They were too excited about seeing Grandma and Pacca to sleep. They were up til ten playing with their cousin and the next day they again were nap free. I am not sure how late they were up that night but I bet it was later than usual, Grandma is a soft touch. After church Sunday we left Wichita to come home and I thought they would be so exhausted they would fall right to sleep on the way home. No such luck. They had a short nap when we got home before Juniors at church. They had a regular nap yesterday but it wasn't enough. Jessa had a headache yesterday and was cold then by supper time she and Josi had temperatures. They we up in the night and this morning they are pretty listless. The still have fevers and have added a cough. My mother really did know what she was talking about. Darn it!

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