Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I think I will hid under the bed.

I've learned that sometimes life just piles on. Je has been sick for several days, with a bad cold/fever. I gave her Tylenol for the fever on Thursday and she threw it up. I gave her a crackers and a different form of Tylenol and she threw up even faster. I stopped the Tylenol and she stopped throwing up. I gave her ibuprofen and it stayed down. She laid around for 5 days. She is not real peppy today. Jo is so far very healthy. I felt a cold coming on last week and started Zicam. Wow. I think it might be worth the effort to get and take the medicine, because I am pretty well over the cold in less than a week, and it never laid me very low, unlike usual when cold last weeks and make me feel like crap. My mom had a bad cold that lasted for three weeks and more and was pretty miserable. She has missed church two straight weeks because of the ick. I missed church because Je was icky. I took her to the Immediate Care Clinic on Sunday because it looked like the eye infection Mom had was getting started in Je. So that is just part of the ick. I was on the way to pick up the girls after tutoring yesterday evening and noticed I had a voice mail. Shan had called to let me know he had injured himself during wrestling practice and was on the way to the emergency room. Hello! I called him to find out what to do next. He thought he had a separated rib, whatever that is and since it happened during practice, he needed to go to the ER to have it covered by the school's policy. With Je not up to snuff, I really hated to go down to the hospital to sit there with a couple whiny hungry, fussy kids when Daddy couldn't help and probably needed me too. I was torn. I ended up calling my uncle to help. He went down to the hospital and got Shan and delivered him home. I stayed home with the kids and put them to bed. Shan had just some painfully torn muscles and so should be on the mend soon. They did give him some good drugs for pain so that is good. They said he could resume regular activities on Wednesday, but he was moving so slow this morning that I don't think he'll be wrestling tomorrow. He went to work as usual this morning so he should be doing okay.

It always happens like that doesn't it. Everything piles on at once.

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