Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I have pared all of my goals down to one simple idea.

Live a disciplined life.

I will endeavor to do today rather than put off to tomorrow. I will eat healthily, exercise, pick up regularly, keep a schedule, spend time in study and prayer. In short, discipline my life.

I actually started some of these in December, with a massive purge of closets and storage spaces, drawers and toy boxes. Three pick up bed fulls of stuff has been delivered to Goodwill. Closets have been organized. I am still working through some of the clutter out in the open, and throwing it away or filing it, and I have one closet left, the guest room closet. That one has become the home for things I am saving for later, presents bought on clearance for future occasions, the Halloween goodies I got at 75% off for next year's party, (all non edible treats) and the wrapping paper, boxes, and bags, ribbons and bows, labels etcetera needed to give the gifts. The closet is a huge mess right now and the gift selection is pretty low since we just celebrated Christmas. Wrapping paper is up however because, last year I bought enough on clearance for three Christmases. I have this never ending supply of bows because Shan doesn't like to use bows on presents, since you can't stack them and transport them easily with bows. I find that he discourages their use, and since he does all the transporting, I try not to try his patience. This year, he did a lot of the wrapping too, so they really didn't get used. Some of them should be purged because they are so flattened from years in the container that they can not be used.

So that is it. I will discipline myself to

*pick up my house everyday
*cook healthy meals at least five days a week
*exercise at least four times a week for at least 30 minutes
*clean out that last closet and the storage room.
*don't put off till tomorrow that which I should do today

Those are goals I can work with and I have a pretty good chance of meeting them. Success in the small things will lead me to bigger things.

How about you?

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