Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Following the blog tradition, for my 100th post:

100 Things About Me
1. I am a Christian

2. I love sports especially volleyball and softball

3. I am an avid K-Stater and alum

4. I love snow

5. I love to read

6. I taught Middle and High School English

7. I was born in Kansas, I was Bred in Kansas and when I (got) married I (was)
wed in Kansas

8. I can list all fifty states in alphabetical order

9. When I did it on a test in 8th grade my teacher accused me of cheating till
I did out loud for her

10. I have been married to my college sweetheart for 10 years

11. He’s the only man I’ve really ever kissed

12. I work for the Menninger Bible Program, a four year course through the Bible that was written over 100 years ago

13. I have a large and close extended family

14. I miss my father everyday of my life

15. My mother drives me crazy but I love her

16. She is one of my closest friends

17. I am five feet 2 inches tall

18. I don’t wish I was taller

19. I am a very picky eater

20. If it swims, I don’t eat it

21. I taught swimming lessons and lifeguarded for spending money in college

22. I cry very easily

23. I am addicted to Coke

24. Chocolate is my friend

25. I drive a 12 year old Jeep Grand Cherokee and I love my car

26. My favorite author is Diana Gabaldon and her Outlander series

27. When we were dating, I was amazed my husband thought I was pretty

28. I have learned that external appearance is only as important as we believe
it to be, in so far as it affects our internal attitudes

29. I am semi obsessive about sets. If a toy or book or anything comes as part
of a set, I need the whole set and I hate to lose any piece of a set.

30. I was very surprised that my daughter has red hair, it never occurred to me
as an option so I was taken aback when they told me they could see her red
hair during delivery.

31. I am glad it has stayed red

32. I didn’t expect curly blond hair for my other daughter but I love it too.

33. I miss the West Wing on TV

34. I watch too much TV

35. I am a sucker for a happy ending

36. I am an eternal optimist.

37. I hate math.

38. I am organizationally challenged.

39. I have trouble saying no.

40. My husband hates that I have trouble saying no.

41. I’ve been known to volunteer him for things because of this.

42. I read at least three books a week.

43. When I was child-free I would read one book a day.

44. I love Star Wars.

45. I love my DVR and satellite dish.

46. I am a mild sort of Trekkie. Never dressed up or been to a convention but I
have seen every episode of the Next Generation and Voyager many times.

47. I hate it when they cancel a TV show I have just gotten into.

48. My parents were married for 26 years before my father died.

49. We had the first wedding in our new church building, and the first funeral.

50. I have a whole lot of fun with my children.

51. I am a born and bred Reformed Presbyterian, but not rabid about it. I think.

52. I had so much fun directing VBS last year that I volunteered to do it again.

53. My dad worked for M&M candy and so we had a lot of access to candy at home.
Hershey is the enemy.

54. I still feel a little guilty when I eat a Kit Kat.

55. I can tell the difference between good chocolate and cheap chocolate easily.

56. I love history.

57. I was very close with my maternal grandparents.

58. It surprises me that my children think I am cool.

59. I am sure that will change but I hope it doesn’t.

60. I thought my parents were great, if not cool.

61. I enjoyed spending time with them, even when it wasn’t cool to do that.

62. My friends hung out with my parents, too.

63. I want to be a parent like they are/were.

64. I am a member of the Dead Dad Club

65. I love Grey’s Anatomy

66. My favorite color was pink.

67. I thought that was a wimpy favorite color in high school and changed to
Navy. Now they are both my favorites.

68. I love singing the Psalms

69. I listen to Country music.

70. I was country when country wasn’t cool ala Barbara Mandrell

71. My favorite food is steak and homemade French fries.

72. I love all things cinnamon.

73. I won’t eat nuts

74. Or salad

75. My mom thinks that’s weird.

76. I am a bit of an airhead.

77. I tutor reading and English.

78. I like Sudoku

79. I do crossword puzzles

80. I love flowers.

81. My husband forgets to get them so I buy them for myself as a treat

82. I am amazed at what a godly man I married.

83. Family is one of my highest priorities.

84. I was an athletic training major in college for two years.

85. I changed my mind because it is a hard career for families.

86. I was the trainer/manager for my high school girls basketball team for three

87. I can tape a mean ankle.

88. I know what RICE means.

89. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation

90. I wish my body would tolerate pregnancy better so I could have more children.

91. I think we’d like to adopt someday.

92. I am a conservative republican.

93. I spend a lot of time on the computer

94. I went to Europe for two weeks between junior and senior year in high school.

95. I want to go back, someday.

96. My husband has no wish to see France.

97. I am insanely curious about people. Some might call it nosy.

98. I am very klutzy.

99. I believe in the beg borrow and steal method of teaching ideas.Wherever,
whomever, however, whatever, I find the ideas, I believe in using them to
help my students.

100. I really love to Blog.

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