Friday, January 19, 2007

On the Bright Side

I read several blogs on the net. I realize that blogs are only a slice of a person but I think over time, you can get some insight into the person's overall outlook. For instance, you get a sense of where they fall on the political continuum by the things they say. You also can get a sense of whether they are a half full/half empty kind of person. I stopped regular reading of one blog because the woman who wrote it seemed to whine a lot about the troubles in her life. They seemed a little over blown from my perspective, even in my relatively trouble reduced life. I still check in on her about once a month to read what she's up to, and I am not sure why. I still check in with this other woman's blogs, even though she seems to wallow in the negative side. Today, her post was about being reminded recently to look at the progress not the distance left to go. It got me to thinking. I hope those who know me or read this blog see me as a half full kind of girl. I probably wallowed a little in yesterday's post, but bear in mind, January is the hardest month for me. I could wallow some more in excusing myself, but I won't. I just want to say how much more our lives would be if we focused on what is right with the world, or our part of it than the other.

A preacher I know, not mine, has filled our pulpit a few times, and I dread it each time. He is a very nice man, a sincere Christian, and a godly man. He also is a little shell shocked by 21st century American culture. He spent over 50 years as a foreign missionary and so America seems a far different place than when he left, in the 1950's. He often preaches on the abdication of Christians in culture and the downward spiral society is on. The attack on Christianity. I don't dipute his premise, but I do see lots of room for positive thinking. Good things are happening in our country. I read OneNewsNow formerly AgapePress and know that Christians are under siege, but are not quietly going down, but fighting and winning battles across the country.

All this is to say that we should be half full people, look for the positive side of things, not wallow in our disadvantage. Shannon hasn't been home all week because of wrestling and a deacon meeting, and more wrestling tonight and tomorrow, but instead of complaining about that, I will be thankful that my mom and sister are available to help distract the girls on those long days.

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