Sunday, March 05, 2006

Always something new

No matter how often you read a book or study something in scripture God often shows you new insights. I find that whenever I study His word He repeated shows me whatever concept I (must) particularly need to learn. For instance, Romans is a great book to study and there is always something new there. I am finding that in preparing for this week's lesson I have recurring themes in the Bible study I am doing on Jesus the One and Only. As a side note, I love Beth Moore studies. I missed this week because the girls were sick and it truly bothered me. I love Bible study, in general, but the I've done several Beth Moore studies and they are exhilerating. She has an entertaining way of speaking and she cuts to the heart of the matter. She isn't shy about admitting to personal struggle and pain but at the same time is circumspect enough to keep the details private and that wisdom in doing so keeps us from dwelling on the details. God has gifted her amazingly. She has a heart for God and for women and for helping women study His word and find Him in it. Back to the point. God puts the concept I need in all kinds of places: Bible study lesson, devotions, Sabbath School lesson, the conversation I had with my friend or my sister, and the radio program I heard in the car on the way to church. Sometimes I wonder if I am obtuse that He presents it so many times. I am eterally glad that He is a merciful and forgiving God and that is demonstrated all thru the scriptures. Part of our overview of Romans touched on the history of Israel in Ch. 9-11. Having studied the Old Testament thru the Menninger program I marvel at God's abundant mercy and forgiveness. To have His patience. I get impatient with potty training a two year old in a few weeks let alone generations of faithlessness. My sister-in-law once told me she decided to stop praying for patience because all it got her was opportunities to practice patience and to grow her abilities in that area. I laughed but I think it's a little sad, I also agree with the sentiment to some extent. God answers our prayers every time we ask. The answer just may not be what we were expecting or the way we were expecting it. I have learned that is always better that my way.

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