Monday, March 27, 2006


My new freezer came with just one basket for it. This is a problem only because I am vertically challenged and I have to upend myself to reach the stuff on the bottom of the freezer. I called Sears and found I could order replacement baskets at 60 dollars a piece, including shipping. I don't need them that badly. So on Saturday as I was going into the Y for swimming lessons I had a thought. There is a little flea market there by the Y and seeing it reminded me that Boyles wasn't that far away and since I was already in the area it wouldn't be too far to go to see if they had any. Boyles is a big flea market and my mother had suggested that I look there. I told the girls we would go and to describe it I called it the garage sale store. When I got there I searched all over the store, inside and out. Just as I was walking out of the gate to the car I spotted two freezer baskets just inside the exit. I pulled the tape measure out of my purse and checked them out. They were the right length. I thought they would work. I had to wait several minutes to find out a price and when they said $2 a piece I said sold. Four dollars was just my speed even if they didn't work though I thought they would. I brought them home and one fit perfectly and the other was slightly bent so it was a tighter fit but it will do. I have to attribute these things to the providence of God. I pray for wisdom but sometimes I don't notice His provision. He gave me the idea to go to Boyles on the way home to check and He kept me searching after a first search was unsuccessful. I almost left before checking the outside piles. So I give Him the thanks for the find and the savings. I might have bought a basket since they are so handy, this way I don't have to. PTL. I think I need to be more observant of the good and remember that every good thing comes from Him not me or anything I do only what He gives me.

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