Thursday, March 09, 2006

God Answers Before We Ask

I've learned that God knows our needs even before we are aware of them. Sometimes I have cause for praise and thanksgiving because He provided for me without me asking or being aware of a need until it was filled. Last year I made friends with a woman in Bible Study. At the same time our daughters were becoming good friends in the nursery while we studied. Each week I would hear about K. and her mother would hear about Jessa. We didn't put it together until several weeks into the study. It turns out that this friend had started a babysitting co-op. She doesn't have family in town and with three children sometimes she needs someone to watch them while she has appointments and errands. There aren't a plethora of daytime babysitters availible since a lot of people work and the high school kids are in school. She invited us to join and it has been the answer to a prayer I hadn't known to pray. All of the families in our co-op live in our general area and are Christian families. The kids all get along really well and it makes it nice to have several options for childcare. This morning was our monthly meeting and we spent so much time visiting and getting aquainted with a new family, we barely had time to set up babysitting times for the next few weeks. The babysitting has been a huge benefit. I trade services with other moms and then give my wallet a break and my mom. Plus sometimes my mom is busy and this way I don't have to worry, I can always find someone to cover me. The surprising benefit has been in the relationships I've formed with the other women. I had an emotional crisis last summer and I called T and immediately she prayed with me and listened as I shared my pain. What a huge blessing to have this "extended family" of believers to call on. God provided an answer before I knew enough to ask. Our God is an Awesome God!

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