Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Grandma, No is a complete sentence.

I've learned that Grandmas do not have to be responsible for a child's character development. This past weekend my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and niece and nephew came for a visit. Since it is calving season Pacca and Uncle S. couldn't come. Grandma brought several toys for the girls and candy. Nothing huge just several. While she was here she took them to Chuck E. Cheese and bought both girls more toys. By Monday the girls had learned that stores meant presents. Since their small town isn't exactly a shopping Mecca my sister-in-law always has a lot of shopping to do when she visits. We will have to remember that if Grandma is around the kids have to stay home. I don't want to raise beggers. I cringe whenever I hear children soliciting for treats, candy, toys, etc. my niece and nephew know how to ask and Grandma is a willing accomplice. My own children have learned well. My sister-in-law saw the plaque I used to have in my classroom at school. "Attention Teenagers, No is a Complete Sentence!" She thought we needed one for Grandma and maybe my niece. Jessa and Josi already know that when Mama says no she means it but kids are smart. They know what rules apply where ever and whoever is involved. I know Grandma doesn't see the kids often so she likes to shower them when she does and I would like to think she would buy less if she saw them more but since she lives in the same town as my niece and nephew and they beg all the time I wonder. Oh well, Shannon and I will answer for the job we have done as parents to the girls. We are accountable not Grandma.

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