Friday, March 17, 2006

Girls are Easier

Yesterday I had another day where little got accomplished. My day started as usual and I was reading the paper when a friend in the Co-Op called and needed to go to the chiropractor and so could I watch the three boys for a couple hours that morning? Sure no problem. Her sons are 6, 4, and 14 months. Add that to the girls and I had five children age 6 and under. I already had committed to watching the boys that evening for a parent-teacher conference at the 6 year olds school. I set a goal to clean out my closet because Shan has complained that I am taking over his. He doesn't use it all so why shouldn't I? I got pretty far on this project, there is a huge garbage bag waiting to go to Goodwill despite numerous interruptions. Mrs. K can I watch a movie? Mrs. K my brother hit me. Mama J and N won't play with me. etc. For some reason my girls love the 6 year old. Whenever they go to his house they are soooo disappointed if he is at school or if he doesn't come with is brothers to our house. I survived the morning with no major problems although the house looked like a tornado blew through. My mother called to have the girls come down to play with a little girl visiting her so then the early afternoon was gone. I tutored and got home in time to eat supper with the five children since they returned at 5:30 and send Shan off to a deacon meeting at church. My nap starved children had thermonuclear baby meltdown just after the boys left at 7:30 and I threw them in bed only to have them meltdown some more because Mama forgot devotions. That covered I collapsed in a chair to reflect on the difference between boys and girls. At least at the stage I am experiencing I don't know how to do boys. They are rambunctious and have very boy ways of doing things. I decided not for the first time that God knew what He was doing when He gave me girls. You know He only gives us the challenges we can handle with His help and I am not sure I could handle boys. Girls are easier. I know I was. Of course I never had brothers so what do I know? My sister's mother-in-law says that when girls hit thirteen boys are easier. I taught middle school she may have a point but I will stick with my original hypothesis: Girls are Easier.

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Hillary said...

I don't think that boys are necessarily *harder.* They're sure *louder*, though! :)