Sunday, March 26, 2006

I Fell off the Edge of the World

That is the only excuse I can offer for my failure to write recently. Actually I set an ambitious goal for spring break. With Shan home for a week I could get a lot done. I had cleaned out my closet and drawers filling a garbage bag with offerings for Goodwill. I talked my husband into doing the same and he delivered the truckload. I cleaned underbeds and picked up all over the house. I have such a hard time getting motivated to do something I know my kids undo as soon as I move to the next room. With two adults the odds are better that something will be accomplished and stay accomplished for some length of time. We also helped my grandmother move more of her things to my mother's house where she will now be living. She's been there for about a month moving stuff slowly. Shan and my brother-in-law went up to Winchester to get some of the bigger stuff for my cousins and others while I took the girls to Bible study Wed. I got two calls during study and thankfully the phone was on vibrate. Normally I leave it in the car so don't ask me why I had it with me. Neither call interrupted actual study time so I could take them and find out that my Grandma's freezer was half again as big as ours and did we want to trade. I have been fighting to have enough room in the freezer for the last year so that was a no brainer. It did however add a project to Spring Break. We moved in the new one, (I say we but what I really mean is my husband and a couple of his wrestlers) and cleaned out the old one, listed it in the paper and sold it all in three days. Now my freezer is huge and my little one is in someone else's house and out of my basement. Yea!!!!! I will save the basket story for another day but suffice it to say God is good.

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