Wednesday, March 15, 2006


This week in Bible Study we've been studying the Last Supper and Crucifixition of Christ. Satan is given permission to sift Peter during this time. Today we had a demonstration of sifting wheat at our study and I got to thinking that the sifting of wheat takes away the chaff and other extra things that aren't good for us. What is left is a wheatberry that can be turned into something we need in our diets for health and nourishment of our physical body. That led me to the thought that when our spiritual selves are sifted we are refined and the waste is taken away leaving us a more nourishing person for the Body of believers. We are more spiritually healthy and we can provide edification for our fellow believers. This sifting process can benefit me but as I am sifted I can share that insight and experience with others. I can empathize with their situations as well as provide a new perspective in Sabbath School classes, Bible study groups or other places where discussions occur. While I don't look forward to periods of sifting, I can see that these periods may be neccessary to refine me into a better likeness of my Savior.

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