Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Now I like eBay. I buy and sell and their book site, Half.com is great. I discovered eBay when I was shopping for maternity clothes. I hated what was in the store and wanted plain cotton shirts and simple shorts and pants with pockets in cotton, denim etc. I wanted my pregnancy clothes to look like my regular clothes, not like some weirdo. That was five years ago. If I didn't remember that eBay helped me out this week with a card. I received possibly the stupidest piece of mail of my life. I got a happy anniversary card from eBay on my fifth anniversary as an eBay user. Give me a break. (I realize that phrase is passe but really what else works? I suppose I could parrot Grey's Anatomy and say Seriously?!) BTW I love Grey's Anatomy. At some point I probably will do an entry about my favorite TV shows and with West Wing coming down to the wire I will have to mourn but I digress.

An ANNIVERSARY card for eBay!!!! No special code for discounts on selling or buying, free shipping or anything just a glad your an eBayer kind of message. What a waste of money, my money collected for listings and purchases. I do not get it.

Oh Well

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