Thursday, April 13, 2006

It's Hot

It's hot. I looked at my thermostat as I came by and it reads 81 degrees in my house. It's April!!!!!! If it is this bad now what will I do in August. The answer is Air Conditioning. I have some basic objection to turning it on before June. I did turn it on in May last year a couple days but under protest. I wanted my children to nap. April is just too much. When the sun goes down I am going to take a cool bath, turn on the attic fan to suck in the cool night air and watch the original Parent Trap we checked out of library this week. I love that movie. We taped it off TV when I was growing up and watched it over and over. I saw the remake last weekend on Disney and felt drawn to seeing the original. Alas it was only on a channel we don't get so when I noticed it on the shelf as I ushered my brood out of the library after story time I pounced. I had a couple extra kids with me so brood is appropriate. Some woman told me I had a well dressed and nicely behaved bunch. Since the three older children were high stepping through the library I wasn't sure if she was being sincere or commenting on my supervision. It was only 9:30 so they were still clean so she may have meant it.

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