Thursday, April 20, 2006


That is the answer to the previous question. Je was out like a light before 7:20 this evening. Jo took a little longer, but I think by 8 I stopped hearing her up there. We had a big day and no naps so I am sure Je was exhausted. It was the first day of Eager Readers for this session. Our Parents As Teachers group holds a session of storytimes a few times a year. The girls love it. It is seriously the best one we've ever been to and we've gone to several. Each week has a theme and the stories and activities, crafts and snacks all fit the theme. The kids sing and play and make their own snack and really have a good time. Today we sang about cookies in the cookie jar, painted a picture of cookies in a jar, decorated a real cookie and a paper plate to look like a cookie with foam stickers. It lasts about an hour and is great. Our friend K and her mom were there for the first time and that was big fun. Then after a short rest we went to play at K's house and so I bet the girls were dragging. K's family is in our co-op and I left the girls with them and went to help my mom with a project for a few hours. Daddy picked them up and brought them home to work on their flower bed. I guess they pulled weeds and got it ready. Daddy found some poison ivy and quickly washed his hands and use a poison ivy wash to help but I hope the kids didn't find it. That would be bad. Why is the two year old crying, she's supposed to be sleeping. Off I go to restore order.

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