Saturday, April 01, 2006

Daddy Wrestles

Today I spent the morning and early afternoon sitting on a hard wooden bench watching wrestling. Now I thought wrestling was over but not so. A local high school coach organized an old timers wrestling tournament and Shan and one of the other coaches from school participated. Shan will tell you that he finished third and they awarded medals to 1-4th place. I will qualify his medal by saying that there were only three men in his weight class in the over thirty bracket. But he had fun and boy did he look great in his singlet. (Not) Singlets don't look good on anybody. Sorta like bikini's. I think very few people, even thin people look good in bikini's. Too much skin shows and every figure flaw is on display, and lets face it most of us have them. So now wrestling is officially over until Nov. except for camp this summer. At least I have my Saturdays back.

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