Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Will they ever sleep?

I don't get it. Each afternoon I go through the same ritual of naptime. I put each girl in her bed, check for lovies, and tuck the covers up. I kiss their foreheads and tell them night night. Usually, this meets with success. I can go back downstairs and sit with my lunch and book or puzzle and have 15 minutes of quiet to regroup. Somedays, this procedure doesn't lead to a nap however. For instance today, Jo has been out of bed three times to go potty and wash her hands. Each time she calls down the stairs and says "Mama, I have to go potty!" I can't believe that a small person can need to go that much. She has had two glasses of milk all day and that is it for beverages. I don't think I went to the bathroom that often when I was 9 months pregnant and a baby rested on my bladder. The last time I checked on her she wasn't in the bathroom or her room. On her last return from the potty she detoured to her sister's room to read books with Je. What!????? They were calmly lying there on the twin bed looking at the grasshopper book with the clickers that make noise. It is days like these that I am sure I don't want to take my blood pressure and that my head will explode. When I put Jo in bed and explained (again) the procedure outlining consequences for not staying in bed, (namely a moratorium on TV for the next day) she cried "I want Daddy!" Of course, Daddy won't make her take a nap. Not.

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