Monday, April 24, 2006

Wild Blue Yonder

Yesterday we had a family get together with my aunt and cousins from Nebraska. One of them is a Navy fighter pilot. He flies an F-18 SuperHornet and instructs at Top Gun . He flew the SuperHornet and landed at Forbes for some flight quals and made it for the weekend. After lunch we went out to Forbes and watched him take off for his two hour flight back to Nevada where he and his family live. We laughed because he would make it home before his mother and sisters would because it is a four hour drive to Nebraska.
It was so cool to go out on the tarmac and walk right up to the plane. We stood twenty yards away as he revved up the engines and felt the hot exhaust blow over us as he turned to taxi down the run way to prepare to take off. He circled over us on his way west and wagged the wings in farewell. Way Cool.

Last summer we toured my brother-in-laws P-3 at the Jax Naval Air Station in Fl and that was pretty cool too, but we didn't get to see him fly it.

I didn't take a camera but my uncle did so hopefully we will get a lot of good pictures out of the day.

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