Monday, April 17, 2006

She's Gonna Shoot You

The last time my sister-in-law visited we took the kids to the place known to be great birth control, Chuckie Cheese. We left with this toy that will skip a foam disc across the room. Jo brought it down tonight and told her father "I'm gonna kill her. I'm the bad guy." Now before y'all get worried about the girls picture a two year old with wild blonde curly hair holding a toy that could never look like a weapon and saying that with a characteristic big cheerful grin. It is impossible to take someone seriously when they look like a pixie. She is so tiny and girl like.

I remember once after church one of my friends was torturing me, (We were both in high school) I was a really easy target for that stuff. I told him I was going to kill him. I was laughing at the time so I doubt anyone could have seriously thought I was going to hurt him beside the fact that he was bigger and stronger than I so get a grip. Some busybody, who shall remain nameless, told my parents thinking that I was being very inappropriate at church. This is the same person who still to this day tells stories on people from twenty or thirty years ago as if we are incapable of growth. When I was two I played with this same friend in the nursery and this person continued to tell us about it and remind us that he predicted we would marry even after we both were married to other people.

Anyway the point of that story was that while I don't want my children to be violent, and I would say that threatening to kill someone even in jest is wrong, I am not going to overreact. I think they are simply pretending in much the same way as when one of them pretends to be the other's momma. I will keep an eye on it but they rarely even hit each other.

A bigger concern is the ancient cheerio Jo found under a chair and, started to take to the trash but thought better of it and put it in her mouth despite a telling her father that it was yucky and should be thrown away! It was food and far be it for her to turn it down unless of course it is the dinner her mother prepared!!!!!!

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Hillary said...

Okay, see, I know the point of this post was something *completely* different, but now I'm very curious.....

WHO is the "busybody" who predicted you'd marry your friend, and who was the friend? And when you see the friend, and hear the stories, doesn't that get a little uncomfortable?

Hee! Hee!