Tuesday, April 04, 2006

It's time for Fiesta

I am getting so pumped about Bible School. We chose a fiesta theme and I think it will be so cool. I got the Oriental trading catalog in the mail today and there are some great things to decorate with and dress up with. The kids last year really seemed to like the hats and bandanas so we want to do something similar this year to fit our theme. I found the cutest sombreros so that will be great. There is also a bunch of great stuff for stuffing the pinata. We will put candy in it but I saw little maraca key chains that would be fun and other novelty things to fill it up with. I also saw a great pinata that looked like a sun wearing big sunglasses. There was even a preschool version of pinata where you pull on dangling ribbons to get to the prizes. We hope to make that the fun final activity for Friday. Last year we had pony rides which was a lot of fun so we want something theme related and a little different for Friday.

The girls go to a story time through the school district that is very well put together with story, craft, songs, games and snack that are all related to the main theme of that day and the overall theme of the session. They love it so I want to use that kind of concept with Bible school snack and games. The kit we got has those areas covered in theme related ways so we will just need to follow there suggestions. I think it is an excellent way to emphasize the Bible point each day so kids who learn in different ways get the overall message in a way that speaks to them where they are at. ( I never can quite forget that I am by training a school teacher) If we all are speaking the same message at each station then by the time the kids leave each evening they should at least have the main idea clearly in their mind. One of the other things I am jazzed about is the daily challenge part of the program. Each day kids are urged to go home and use the lesson is their own life right away. We want to convey that you are never to young, small etc to serve God. He has opportunities for each of us to glorify Him with our lives and selves. The book gives several very easy suggestions for kids to apply the lesson immediately so I think it is real doable.

It will be so great!!!!!

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