Friday, April 14, 2006

She's growing up

My daughter came to me a little while a go and quite calmly asked to talk to me about watching Caillou. I had banned the show because the little boy whines and I started hearing my children echo the tone he uses. It was driving me crazy and I told the girls that they couldn't watch the show again until they demonstrated that they could talk nicely to me when they want something. Jessa came to me and said "Mama I would like to talk to you about watching Caillou again. I have tried not to whine and to talk nicely so can I please watch the show? I am growing up." I nearly fell off my chair. She did such a nice job trying to negotiate a privilege that I had to concede the point. She used a good tone and she has been less whinny. I bet its because she hasn't seen Caillou recently but we will see. Now if I could just get Josi to stop crying everytime someone tells her no we would be getting somewhere.

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